Product discontinued – see MC3300X

Having invaded the consumer world, this operating system now offers businesses a proven mobility platform, with guaranteed security. The successor to the highly acclaimed MC3000 Series, this new generation offers you everything you need to run your business, now and in the future. You can run your existing terminal emulation applications immediately, without any prior configuration, or reformat them to create intuitive touch screens to simplify the user experience. Our unique Zebra Mobility DNA toolkit brings together powerful applications that not only facilitate deployment and application development, but also enable you to add new functions to your MC3300s, streamlining day-to-day processes and improving employee productivity. In terms of features and options, this outstanding device features a lightweight, ergonomic design, a large touch screen, a wide range of keyboard options, unrivalled reading performance, and much more. Available in a range of models, the MC3300 brings unprecedented versatility and flexibility to both warehouse and retail environments. The MC3300: the best way to boost your business, thanks to advanced Android mobile computing. EASY MIGRATION OF YOUR APPLICATIONS TO ANDROID Winning duo: touchscreen and keyboard Whatever the input mode – touchscreen or physical keyboard – it’s all taken care of. Your application can take up the whole display, while the keyboard gives your employees the experience they’re used to. What’s more, the touch screen paves the way for intuitive touch interfaces. You can also choose the keyboard that simplifies data entry the most: alphanumeric keys, numeric keys or function and numeric keys. Immediate support for your TE applications Run your current TE applications immediately, without any prior configuration: no need to modify back-end systems or plan new training courses. Ivanti Velocity, one of the world’s most popular terminal emulation software packages, comes pre-loaded on every model and is licensed for the pistol model, ready to use at no extra cost. Would you like to use a different emulation software? No problem at all. With all the major software packages supported, the choice is yours. Want to upgrade your existing emulation application? The AllTouch TE application from the Mobility DNA suite is also preloaded on every model. It lets you convert traditional “green screens” into elegant, intuitive touchscreens that help employees become more efficient. Common platform, inside and outside the warehouse If you use Zebra handhelds in the warehouse, employees and IT staff will share the same operating system and platform. Whatever equipment you use, you’ll benefit from a common user experience and use the same management tools throughout the warehouse and supply chain. Android certification, for guaranteed security and performance As an Android-certified device, the MC3300 gives you peace of mind in the knowledge that the equipment is reliable, and compatible with all Android applications designed for warehouses and businesses. PERFORMANCE AND READING OPTIONS WITHOUT PRECEDENT Wide reading range, for maximum flexibility Short, medium or long range reading? The MC3300 delivers. The extended-range SE4850 captures barcodes from near and far, even in the highest warehouse racks, from 7.62 cm to 21.40 m.

A state-of-the-art field of view enables the capture of very large codes at close range. The MC3300 captures virtually all barcodes, whatever their condition: scratched, dirty, poorly printed or shrink-wrapped.

Superior standard range reading options
There are two standard range reading options: the SE4570 1D and 2D motor and the SE965 1D motor. Both offer the superior reading performance for which Zebra is renowned.

  • Technical specifications


    – MC3300 droit (lecture à 45° et à 0°) : 202,2 mm L x 74,7 mm l x 34,5 mm É
    – MC3300 à tête pivotante : 223,4 mm L x 74,7 mm l x 34,5 mm É
    – MC3300 pistolet : 202,6 mm L x 74,7 mm l x 163,9 mm É


    – MC3300 droit (lecture à 0°) : 375 g
    – MC3300 à tête pivotante : 377 g
    – MC3300 pistolet : 505 g
    – MC3300 (lecture à 45°) : 382 g

    Afficheur Écran capacitif 4 pouces, WVGA, couleur
    Fenêtre de l’imageur Verre Corning® Gorilla® Glass
    Écran tactile Verre Corning® Gorilla® Glass avec chambre
    Rétroéclairage Rétroéclairage par LED
    Connecteur d’extension Logement pour carte Micro SD ( jusqu’à 32 Go)
    Connexions réseau USB 2.0 haut débit (hôte et client), réseau sans fil et Bluetooth
    Notification LED latérales et tonalité audible
    Clavier Numérique (29 touches), fonctions/numérique (38 touches), alphanumérique (47 touches)
    Voix Prise en charge vocale talkie-walkie (haut-parleur interne)
    Audio Haut-parleur
    Prise jack audio Tous les modèles sauf pistolet : prise intégrée de 2,5 mm (modèles Premium et Premium + uniquement, non disponible sur configurations standard)
    Touches Deux touches de lecture programmables sur les côtés

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