This industrial 2D imager is designed for the most complex traceability applications in materials handling and logistics. Equipped with an ultra-fast image sensor operating at 2.0 megapixels with a frame rate of 45 images per second, the Matrix 410N offers multiple communication options to increase flexibility and profitability. It is equipped with features for enhanced ease of use and configuration, with the option of a single or multi-device layout for scanning on large surfaces or multiple signs. The built-in laser viewfinder and patented green spotlight, projected onto the scan area, offer the user rapid determination of the scan area.

  • Patented ultra-fast strobe lighting
  • Packtrack 2D: for ejection of small objects in sorting applications
  • Integrated Ethernet connectivity, with common protocol support: Profinet IO, Ethernet / IP, TCP / IP, FTP, HTTP
  • On-board image recording: saves up to 3,000 images (scaling)
  • External connection box: with parameter memory and display
  • Greater flexibility: with a single reading point or several
  • Green Spot laser pointing and reading system
  • Web-based remote WebSentinel software: with image archiving database

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