LVS 9580


The LVS-9580 is a high-performance handheld solution for offline barcode verification to ISO/IEC and MIL-STD-130N standards;

Equipped with a high-resolution 5.0 megapixel camera, the LVS-9580 reads and analyzes barcodes and 2D codes up to 76.19 mm wide and 57.15 mm high;

The LVS-9580 verifies several types of barcode, including any combination of linear, 2D (Data Matrix, QR code, and Aztec code), and stacked linear (PDF 417, Micro PDF and composite codes);

Powered by a 3 m USB 2.0 cable, the LVS-9580 verifies barcode labels and Direct Part Marking (DPM) on a wide range of surfaces, including corrugated boxes, shipping containers, plastics, composites and metal surfaces;

  • Details
    • Validates printed barcodes to ISO/IEC, ANSI, GS1 and UDI print quality standards
    • Validates direct part marking (DPM) to ISO, MIL-STD-130 and GS1 standards;
    • Assembling function to reconstitute barcodes larger than the field of view
    • Ideal for environments with multiple production lines and warehouses
    • Software upgrade options include a multi-sector option for checking multiple barcodes on one label;
    • Ready for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance;
    • Supports 15 languages, with the option of adding more
    • Quality data reporting for auditing purposes
    • Manage operator authorizations using LVS-95xx software or Microsoft Active Directory
    • Includes a NIST-traceable calibrated compliance standard test card to calibrate the system

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