Jeton IP68 D423


The MDS D423 is a passive (maintenance-free) transponder based on ISO 15693 with FRAM technology. Particularly compact and small in size, it can be mounted on metal, making it ideal for direct identification of workpiece carriers, parts or metal containers. Thanks to its high IP68 protection rating, it can be used in particularly harsh environments, for example when passing through a washing plant.

  • Radio frequency: 13?56 MHz
  • Maximum range: 80 mm (range depends on read/write pad)
  • Compliance: ISO 15693
  • Transmission speed: 26.5 kbit/s
  • Multi-label capabilityTransmission protocol: 26.5 kbit/s
  • Memory: FRAM UID (fixed coding) 8 bytes, 2000 bytes user memory, 40 bytes configuration memory
  • Material: black PPS
  • Operating temperature: -25°C to +85°C during read/write access, -40°C to +100°C outside the read/write range and in storage
  • Protection rating: IP68
  • Dimensions: height 8 mm, diameter 30 mm, weight 15 g

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