Industrial fixed scanner – FS70


Opt for a configurable and customisable solution with the FS70 industrial fixed scanner.

Easily meet your company’s expectations, by ensuring quality control and traceability of each part and parcel as it passes through the production, storage and order processing stages.

Do you need a very powerful lens to read a tiny barcode from a distance, or a wide-angle lens to capture barcodes on extremely large parts? The FS70 has all the answers.

The device is compatible with virtually all external light sources, so you can read even the most difficult barcodes, including direct markings on low-contrast parts or barcodes printed on curved or reflective surfaces.

The result: processes that are always adapted, whether in manufacturing, warehousing, distribution or logistics, enabling your business to develop its full potential.

The FS70 industrial fixed scanner sets the benchmark for simplicity, advanced data capture and return on investment.

Take advantage of Zebra Aurora, a powerful and intuitive platform that makes it easy to configure, deploy and use Zebra’s industrial fixed scanners, including the FS70.

Once up and running, Zebra’s exclusive features, such as ImagePerfect+ and PRZM intelligent imaging, capture data first time, every time.

Comptabile with the machine vision camera: VS70

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