Lightweight and durable, this portable 2D imager offers fast decoding rates and an extended reading range. Its dual-field optical system decodes most 1D and 2D codes, regardless of orientation, from both near and far. The HS-21 offers ruggedness and high performance in a compact package. It can withstand several drops from 1.8 m, and is ideally suited to applications ranging from clean rooms to workshops.

  • High performance: computing power and advanced image processing features for reading the most complex 1D and 2D codes
  • Large scan width: 102 mm focusing distance and impressive scan width, ideal for decoding codes on sampling and reagent tubes in the laboratory
  • Easy to clean: IP54 enclosure protects sensitive components and can be cleaned with disinfectants commonly used in hospitals
  • Ergonomics and practicality: reading success confirmed by an audible warning, visual indicators and a vibrate mode for noisy or sensitive environments
  • Simple configuration: ESP firmware from Microscan

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