The Gryphon GPS4400 omnidirectional presentation scanner enables hands-free scanning of small, easy-to-handle objects, and manual scanning of larger objects. Its compact size makes it ideal for use in confined spaces, and its adjustable foot allows it to be positioned for easy, intuitive reading. Designed for code reading on smartphone, PDA and computer screens, it also features exceptional near-field reading, a wide-angle field of view, optimal motion tolerance and aggressive reading.

  • Omnidirectional and aggressive reading
  • Intuitive sighting system
  • Compact, ergonomic design: ideal for hands-free or manual operation
  • Optimized illumination system: facilitates barcode reading on smartphones, laptops and PDAs
  • Image capture
  • Available interfaces: RS-232 or USB (USB-HID or USB COM)
  • Adjustable stand

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