Unbeatable 1D/2D barcode reading performance at extended range, plus optical recognition of characters, photos and documents.

With the DS3678-HP high-performance imager (wireless), your operators receive the very best in 1D and 2D barcode, photo and document capture, and character recognition: unique, ultra-rugged design, unrivalled reading performance from near and far, and unrivalled maneuverability. As for wireless technology, the DS3678-HP offers features developed by ZEBRA that make it unique in its class.

  • Superior 1D/2D barcode reading performance: instant capture from up to 2.10 m, regardless of barcode condition
  • Virtually indestructible, ultra-robust design: withstands a wide range of shocks and drops (2.40 m on concrete) and boasts the highest water-resistance rating in its class (withstands a pressurized water jet and immersion for 30 minutes).
  • Multiple capture and simultaneous processing of 20 barcodes
  • Handles extreme temperatures: can even be used in cold rooms
  • Unique Bluetooth design: Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity for ultra-fast wireless communication and maximum energy efficiency

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