Industrial innovations to boost your productivity

The new industrial machine vision and fixed scanner ranges developed by Zebra, meet the demands of the industrial market and set the pace for Industry 4.0. Inspired by operators’ requirements and built with field-proven innovation, these new industrial solutions eliminate errors, boosting performance and production.

Industrial stationary scanner – FS10
Industrial stationary scanner – FS20
Industrial stationary scanner – FS40
Industrial stationary scanner – FS70

Intelligent machine vision cameras

This new range of vision machines includes the VS20, VS40 and VS70 cameras.

From the shop floor to the order desk, manufacturers are faced with an ever-increasing number of imperatives. Ensuring product quality and respecting production quantities is the daily challenge facing production lines. To succeed, companies must rely on a reliable, infallible process at every stage of production, one that enhances automation, reduces defects and validates assembly and traceability information.

All machine vision functions in a single solution.

With Zebra’s intelligent machine vision camera, manufacturers are prepared for any eventuality. Thanks to the decision-making intelligence and automation provided by vision cameras, production lines can guarantee product quality and meet production targets. Operations are simpler.

Easily integrate machine vision into your network

Multiple connectivity options enable vision cameras to integrate seamlessly into your host or PLC network. Improve your quality control and secure your business.

Fully customizable for impeccable quality

Intelligent machine vision cameras can be customized to adapt machine vision to your processes and environment, no matter how challenging.


The result: fewer defects, lower manufacturing costs and increased customer satisfaction.

Zebra’s smart cameras make your machine vision solutions even simpler.

Stationary industrial scanners

This new range of industrial stationary scanners comprises the FS10, FS20, FS40 and FS70.

Fully customisable to meet all your reading needs

Doing more and doing it faster is the new challenge facing industrial companies.

From manufacturing to logistics to the end customer, success depends on their ability to deliver and track business-critical products quickly.

Zebra’s new range of industrial fixed scanners enables you to meet this new challenge. Designed to meet all the requirements encountered in today’s manufacturing and delivery processes. Industrial stationary scanners keep pace with the fastest transfer operations, enabling you toensure effective tracking and tracing thanks to automatic, error-free decoding of the information on each part and parcel throughout its life cycle (manufacturing, storage and order processing). They are capable of reading the most difficult barcodes to capture.

Plug-and-play, pour une lecture de haute qualité partout où vous en avez besoin

  • On an assembly line: scan the barcode of each component to make sure you’re using the right part at the right time, and quickly carry out a targeted recall of products containing defective parts.
  • In the warehouse: scan the barcode of items as they are placed on the shelves for real-time stock visibility.
  • In order processing: check that you are assigning the right product to the right customer by scanning the barcode.

Whatever your tracking and tracing needs, industrial stationary scanners make it easy.

Zebra’s fixed industrial scanners can be networked to suit any environment where you need to capture barcodes. And when it comes to barcode capture, Zebra’s exclusive features, such as ImagePerfect and PRZM intelligent imaging, mean you can read every barcode first time, every time, in almost any condition.


The result: whether in manufacturing, warehousing, distribution or logistics, processes are always adapted, and companies can develop their full potential.

Zebra’s industrial stationary scanners set the benchmark for simplicity, advanced data capture and return on investment.

A unified platform to simplify your processes

These new industrial tools are equipped with Zebra Aurora Software: a unified central platform for all Zebra fixed scanners and machine vision systems.

Zebra Aurora simplifies control of automation solutions deployed for manufacturing and logistics throughout the enterprise. This powerful interface makes it easy to configure, deploy and use Zebra’s fixed scanners and machine vision smart cameras. It also eliminates the need for multiple tools.

Suitable for all levels

Whether novice or experienced, users can easily navigate this highly intuitive, modern interface, resulting in reduced training and deployment times. Specialists will appreciate the ease with which they can access all the streamlined functions and processes, while beginners will be guided step-by-step from one end of the operation to the other. If users need help, Learn-As-You-Go offers tutorials, instructions and videos on all aspects of the software and its full range of tools.


Combine the expertise of a manufacturer recognized worldwide for the quality of its products & the mastery of an integrator recognized for nearly 30 years in the Industry 4.0 market, to integrate a tailor-made Industry 4.0 project into your company.

CIPAM, an expert in traceability and qualified integrator since 1993, supports you in the integration, deployment and implementation of these solutions. As a Zebra Solution Partner, our teams are fully conversant with Zebra products and will support you throughout your Industry 4.0 project, providing you with a turnkey, tailor-made solution.

Zebra brings better visibility with end-to-end solutions for every industry, intelligently connecting people, assets and data to help you make critical business decisions.

Zebra solutions can be found in industries all over the world. They enable :

  • Ensure the visibility of every asset and employee
  • Connect the necessary data
  • Give clear indications to facilitate decision-making
  • Optimize workflows and operations in real time for efficient, measurable results.
  • Intelligently connect people, assets and data to help you make crucial business decisions.

The story of Zebra & CIPAM

Much more than a simple collaboration, CIPAM & Zebra have become true partners over the years.

Sharing common values and, above all, the desire to support manufacturers, CIPAM & Zebra are involved in the continuous improvement of processes and performance to boost productivity, and are committed to improving the day-to-day lives of your employees by offering innovative industrial solutions tailored to your needs.

What is Industry 4.0?

Industry 4.0” or also known as the “industry of the future” is flooding our industrial market, but in concrete terms what is Industry 4.0?

Industry 4.0 connects the virtual world to real-world products and objects, now known as IoT (Internet of Things). Man communicates easily with machines, facilitating manufacturing, production and logistics processes. Artificial intelligence and systems automation enable us to innovate and develop unique, customizable products. Industry 4.0 represents the 4th industrial revolution.

Today, there are 4 industrial revolutions. But do you know the story behind the first three?

The history of industrial revolutions

The first industrial revolution came in 1712 with the advent of the steam engine, which produced energy for production and transportation for the very first time. This industrial innovation was also, and above all, marked by the arrival of the factory, replacing the workshops.

From 1870 onwards, the 2nd industrial revolution began, thanks to the machine tool, which reproduced human hand movements while amplifying human strength. During this industrial revolution, the automotive sector invented assembly-line production.

The 3rd industrial revolution is represented by the birth of programming. The 50s saw the advent of numerically controlled machines and robots.