CIPAM, Eurotherm, OMIA & STid deploy a connected paint line system for Industry 4.0

Temperature control, explosive environments, part traceability, direction detection and custom software development for data analysis and processing, all rolled into one project.

The success of this project is due in particular to the combination of the know-how of each stakeholder. A collaboration that has evolved into a true partnership between all the players involved.

To find out how this solution works, discover the replay of the conference held at the Connect+Event virtual trade show:

The project in a nutshell

Asco, a manufacturer of aeronautical parts, called on Omia to purchase a paint booth. This cabin had to meet a number of criteria.

That’s why Omia called on Eurotherm for temperature control in the cab.

The second criterion concerned part traceability and detection of the direction of passage through the cabin. At this stage of the project, Eurotherm consulted CIPAM, an expert in traceability and connected solutions.

Finally, the cabin is located in an ATEX environment, so the traceability equipment had to comply with this standard. That’s why, after a hardware benchmark and an in-depth study of the layout, CIPAM called on STid to supply the SPECTRE ATX4 readers in particular.