NiceLabel: an adaptable labelling solution

From label editing to statistics export, everything is customizable and achievable with Loftaware Nicelabel solutions. Software published by Loftaware Nicelabel is easy to learn, thanks to an interface similar to that of Microsoft Office. No special knowledge or software development is required. As you know, product identification must comply with a number of standards managed by independent international organizations.


Loftaware NiceLabel integrates all international traceability standards for all business sectors and all types of barcode and RFID tag. Don’t waste time formatting your codes by integrating complicated rules and calculations. When creating your labels with Loftware NiceLabel, all you have to do is follow the step-by-step software wizard!


Simplified handling for professional results.

Control your printing and make your staff’s work easier Thanks to compliance with standards and the ability to lock certain text fields if necessary, your printing is guaranteed, and so are your savings. Your employees save time and print the right labels with the right information. Choose in 1 click which information is generic (fixed data: logo, address, units…) and which information is specific to a product reference (variable data: serial number, expiration date, recipe…). Link all this to your environment and watch… your products are labeled, compliant and ready to ship! Optimize your database management Link your label masks to a database and connect them in just a few clicks.


Software overview


The intuitive editor enables even beginners to create label masks without the help of a computer specialist, and without programming or training.


Respect standards, whatever your industry!

Loftware editor NiceLabel is compatible with over 70 types of linear and 2D barcodes, including GS1-128, DataMatrix and QR codes. It complies with all international standards such as GS1, GHS, ODETTE, UDI, 21CFR PART11… To keep you in line with the latest standards, all NiceLabel Loftware labeling software is kept up-to-date.


Create compliant labels in minutes

The NiceLabel editor includes simplified installation wizards and pre-designed label masks for all major industry standards, such as GS1-128.


Customize a manual printing solution in minutes, without coding, and eliminate labeling errors.

Loftware NiceLabel’s simplified tools enable users to create their own customized labeling software, again without the need for computer development skills! One of our customers, specializing in the manufacture of electronic components, has already implemented this solution. Thanks to Loftware NiceLabel’s Designer software, the company was able to set up customized printing forms with, among other things, drop-down choice lists, custom field entries and the ability to choose printers.


LMS – Label System Management

Integrate labeling directly into your existing IT environment and benefit from a complete label and printer management platform in an all-in-one package solution. This labeling management system includes :

  • a label editor,
  • a document management system,
  • an application editor,
  • a Web printing system (for manual printing),
  • an integrated printing system,
  • a non-production environment
  • a modification and synchronization system.

Give your staff access to print forms or labels in the form of web applications, and manage everything with the Control Center:

  • Keep a precise history of your creations and return to a previous version in 1 click
  • Create control flows with one or more levels of approval.
  • Use control flows to easily assign roles and limitations to each employee
  • Export all your statistics as .csv files: by printer, by user, by group… and filter the data as much as you like.


It is scalable from 5 to several thousand users, and can be extended to your other sites and subsidiaries, suppliers or subcontractors.

  • Automate printing and printer status management.
  • Interface Loftware NiceLabel directly to your ERP or other software applications, and reduce your software development and labeling process security costs.
  • Manage document approval workflows

The LMS – Label Management System offers a range of functions to suit your needs.


We implemented this solution for one of our customers, who wanted to trigger automatic printouts from URL links and HTTP requests.


The NiceLabel Automation version allows you to set triggers depending on the NiceLabel version:

Cloud Business/Compliance LMS Enterprise LMS Pro
Suite Powerforms
Filed files, Serial ports, Database, TCP server X X X X
Scheduler, TCP client, http server X X X
Service Web X X
Cloud X

NiceLabel Automation offers a wealth of actions that can be carried out at trigger time.


For even greater convenience and more advanced management, you’ll find all the features of Loftware Nicelabel LMS software in the NiceLabel CLOUD version. With the cloud version of Loftware NiceLabel software, you can control your entire printing system remotely, wherever you are.

Centralize your label storage

All you need is a web browser at hand to access your labels at any time, thanks to the centralized storage system built into NiceLabel Cloud.

Manage your printers remotely

Save time with the NiceLabel Cloud control center. Provision, update and manage the settings of hundreds of printers remotely, directly via the Internet. You can also manage your employees’ roles for accessing printers.

Integrate printing into your environment

With NiceLabel Cloud, integrate printing with your ERP system or other enterprise applications in the cloud or on-premise (SAP, MS Dynamics, Workday…). Use a single data source and avoid labeling errors and defects by integrating label printing with product data.


With this Cloud version of NiceLabel, everything is stored in the cloud (database, labels, images, solutions) and can therefore be accessed remotely. This solution offers 2 types of printing: manual and automatic. In other words, the printing solution is linked to a robot arm that automatically labels products according to the request registered in NiceLabel. The only files that need to be local are the trigger files (.misx), which function as a service.

How the solution works :

Database filling (orders, items, customers, etc.)

  • Scheduled automation trigger for importing text files provided by ERP on an SFTP server
  • Trigger on dropped file to fill the database.

Creation of a print form for manual printing by the operator

  • Operator guidance with order selection or production order with date filters and many other options
  • Editable quantities for each product line

Creation of a print form for automatic printing (robot)

  • To find out the language used for labeling

Robot trigger from 2D reader to identify product part number

  • Tells the robot the pot format for its trajectory
  • Indicates to the robot whether the pot should be evacuated (max quantity already reached or reference not part of the order)

Further information

Think about your consumables

Consumables are an integral part of good printing. They are the guarantors of your traceability to the end customer. Particular care must be taken with them, and they must be thoroughly researched in order to :

  • they meet your requirements in terms of resistance (water, chemicals, friction, etc.) and standards
  • they are perfectly compatible with the printer or printing system
  • that the ribbon/label pairing is a perfect match
  • respect your budgetary constraints

In fact, depending on your storage conditions, label life cycle and printing machines, your consumables will be different. To support you, we’ll find the consumable that’s right for your labeling needs and constraints. Please feel free to fill in this questionnaire in advance, so that we can refine your request and send you personalized samples.


What is a consumable

Consumables are the elements representing the support for printing: ribbons, labels, paper… Consumables are sold separately from printers, but go hand in hand. They are the determining factor in defining your printing solution: Definition of the label material (backing and adhesive) according to the application Definition of the quality of transfer ribbon or ink required for the selected label Definition of the printer adapted to the material, desired dimensions and application mode (manual or automatic)


The choice of consumables will therefore vary according to your specific application. Don’t hesitate to contact us, we’ll help you define your complete labeling solutions.


What is a ribbon?

The ribbon is used for thermal transfer printing. The heat from the printhead transfers ink from the ribbon to the untreated paper as it passes under the printhead.

What is a label?

Labels are used for thermal transfer (with ink ribbon), direct thermal (without ink ribbon) and inkjet printing. Chemically-treated thermal paper darkens as it passes under the printhead’s heating resistors.


The consumable you’re looking for doesn’t exist? We’ll create it just for you!


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